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Whether you require water softening, scale build-up removal, or passivation, we can provide customised solutions based on your needs and constraint. Talk to us to know more.

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Product Range

We provide water treatment chemicals for wide range of applications including utilities and industrial, from raw water treatment to process water and wastewater treatment. Our product range includes:

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors
  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • Polymers
  • Biocide
  • pH Control

Water from different source and process stage has different characteristics. We will perform analysis on your processes and formulate the products that is most suited to you.

PT Lamurindo is a leading chlorine distributor. We own and maintain pressurized chlorine tanks to ensure that they are of highest safety standard. Our clients include the largest water utilities, power plants, mining, and oil & gas companies.

Where chlorinator is not available or not an option, we offer sodium hypochlorite and calcium hypochlorite.