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Project Description

Deliver 2,000 MT of Mono-ethylene Glycol (MEG) to West Seno FPU.

The Challenge

Deliver Mono-ethylene Glycol (MEG) with a very sensitive characteristic is a very challenging for Lamurindo team. We have to maintain a 99,9% purity, less than 0.05% water content and less than 1 ppb oxygen content throughout the whole journey.


  1. Socialize Job Safety Analysis, MSDS, and safety meeting with all personnel and crew.
  2. Do a wall wash test on tanker’s cargo tank which tested for chloride content and UV transmittance.
  3. After wall wash test has been done, we will conduct a one-foot test.
  4. Cargo loaded with nitrogen blanket to reduce the oxygen content.
  5. Before discharged, sample of the cargo to be taken to be analyzed before discharging process.
  6. Nitrogen blanketing is done for the whole discharging process.

The Final Output

Our team has out-performed in delivering the cargo.

  • Satisfied clients.
  • Superior Quality on the product.
  • Quality and Value to the Projects We Deliver
  • Highest Standards in Cost & Safety Control